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Candle Care 101

Before lighting up, here are some proper tips to care for your candles!!

  1. Always trim the wick to at least 1/4 inch before lighting. This helps to manage a safe flame.

  2. Candles have a burn memory, so when burning your candle allow the wax to melt completely to the sides of the container before extinguishing to prevent tunneling.

  3. Keep burning candles away from drafts for a more even burn and of course to ensure the flame does not stray from the container.

  4. When you are ready to extinguish the candle, use a non-flammable tool to push the flame back into the melted wax. This trick helps to stop the candle from smoking that occurs when you simply blow out the candle and helps to maintain the candles pleasant scent long after it has been put out.

  5. Do not burn the wick past the wax as it can cause the container to overheat and potentially shatter or crack.

  6. Always follow the directions on the warning label located on the bottom of the container for the safest results!!

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